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If spot contains some solid matter, scrape up as much as possible prior to application of product. Saturate the spot with undiluted product and allow to penetrate into stain. Absorb product and dissolved matter with a towel or cloth. Re-apply product to spot and agitate slightly. Repeat this procedure if needed to remove spot or stain. Allow the surface to dry before resuming traffic. Vacuum the surface, or brush upholstery fiber to raise pile or nap. Some oil based stains tend to "bleed" when cleaning occurs. Care shouold be taken to avoid this spread of the stain. Do not mix this product with other cleaning compounds or solvents. 

Enzyme Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover


This product is a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes, water conditioners, and natural odor eliminating agents. It is formulated to provide a safe yet effective product that is intended to be used as an all surface cleaner and spot remover for carpets and upholstered furniture. it can also be used a pre-spotter for carpet, rugs, and upholstery prior to cleaning. It is very effective on water based matter such as pet stains, coffee, cola, tea, food spills, grass stains, and liquor. This product contains a biodegradable- bio-renewable, plant-based detergent. 

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