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Make sure your re-opening is squeaky clean and virus free! Talk to our operation managers about getting any of these services added to your maintenance plans for regular cleaning*!

Call us at (816) 842-2273 (CARE) or email us at!


  • Deep Clean Sanitization using our ULV Fogger – Reduce the spread of any virus with our wet fogging process. Our fogger applies an EPA registered sanitizer to all surfaces including: doors handles, mirrors, sinks, counters, tables, seats, walls, windows, etc. Our EPA registered sanitizers are top quality and cleared to treat many kinds and strands of viruses and bacterias.


  • Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning – Does your carpet need a little extra care? Our encapsulation cleaning process dries within 1 hour and continues to encapsulate your carpets weeks after the initial cleaning. This means it helps maintain your carpet cleaner by clumping dirt particles together, which therefore makes it easier to vacuum and battle all dirt until your next appointment with us. (Paired great with our Fogging Service! Let us sanitize the air your breathe, the areas you touch, and even the ground you walk on!)


  • Tile & Grout Cleaning – Our 3 step process will have all your tile looking amazing! First we apply a tile and grout cleaner with a hydro-force pressure sprayer. After a short dwell time, we thoroughly scrub grout lines and edges. Finally, we use our SX-12 tile cleaning tool which uses heat and high water pressure to steam your tile and effectively remove dirt, grease, oil, and more form your floor.


  • Upholstery Cleaning – If your chairs, bar stools, and booths are looking a little sticky, it’s time for some upholstery cleaning. Our steaming process includes applying an upholstery cleaner to loosen all the oil, grease, and more. Once all that is set and ready, our specialized upholstery tool will thoroughly clean and pick up everything dirty to keep your business looking spotless. (Paired great with our Fogging Service! Let us sanitize the air you breath, the areas you touch, and even the ground you walk on!)


  • Scotchgard – As an overall protector, we offer to Scotchgard all of your carpets/ upholstery to keep them lasting longer. By Scotchgarding, we are providing a Teflon coating which is applied to your carpets/ upholstery to protect it from future deep staining and can even extend the life of your carpet by preventing wear damage and deterioration.


“We’re all in this together.” Contact us to reserve your appointment today!


Call us at: (816) 842-2273 (CARE) - Email us at:


For immediate assistance: (816) 500-5466 – Website contact form:

*Services offered to Commercial AND Residential customers.

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